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Some pictures of my day today for Library Day in the Life project. 

Computer equipment that I moved today:

 Old Computer Equipment

My Name Plate


My Desk – See my Snuggie?

My Desk

Lots of New Computers

Lots of Computer Boxes 

High Above the Library Foyer

The Library Chandelier


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Walking Across Campus

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It was snowing rather heavily as I walked across campus today for my afternoon meeting. While the snow isn’t visible in this picture, this was my view as I set off from the library. The snow was actually beautiful, especially since it was not accumulating (and it wasn’t terribly cold).

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In My Office

A Self-Portrait in My Office

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In honor of Library Day in the Life, I thought I would share a picture of myself in my office. My office is extraordinarily hot in the afternoons these days, so short sleeves are currently a must.

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